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An Interreg funded project

With a grant of €1 million from the EU funding program Interreg Germany-Danmark, we balance the power consumption of the households of Europe. Come join the project where we engage households in Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

The idea behind the IntelliGrid project is to use available renewable energy in a more efficient way.

The demand of electrical power is not constant over the course of a day. The same applies to the production of electric energy and its availability in the power grid which fluctuates during the day for different reasons. It could be a very sunny day or the wind blows strongly, generating more power than can currently be used. Rather than switching the wind turbines off and “losing” the power, would it not be more efficient to switch on additional consumers? This is the idea behind the IntelliGrid project. Using the electrical power in the grid when it is available. The aim of the project is to evaluate if it is possible to use appliances in private households, mainly white goods, as a switchable load in order to contribute to the balancing of the supply and demand in the power grid.

More on how we try to achieve this under the topic “The Plug“.

IntelliGrid is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with funds from the European Regional Development Fund. Find out more about Interreg Deutschland-Danmark at www.interreg5a.eu

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