See upcoming events where we present our latest results, try out our product and get info on how you can become a contributor.

Next upcoming events

First German IntelliGrid workshop in Kiel, September 22nd [16.30 – 18.30]

Our first workshop will take place on September 22, 2020 at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. On September 22, 2020, at 4:30 pm we want to present the idea to all interested parties, collect feedback on our user interface and motivate them to participate as a test household (2021). The workshop takes place on the premises of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Please register with Ralf Patz at

August 21st [from 15.30-18.20]: Workshop at Sydfyns Energiforsyning


15.30 – 15:40

Fåborgvej 44, 5700 Svendborg

Welcome by Sydfyns Energiforsyning

By: Jesper Vognsgaard, Sydfyns Energiforsyning


15:40 – 15:50

Welcome note on behalf of the IntelliGrid project

By Jan Pries-Heje, Professor at Roskilde University


15:50 – 16:20

IntelliGrid Prototype demo

By Nadine Sandjo, PhD.-fellow

We present our initial prototype

16:40 – 17:40

Focus groups in breakout rooms

By Nadine Sandjo, PhD.-fellow

We divide the participants into focus groups in order to discuss what would enable them to switch to green

17:40 – 18:00

Feedback consolidation session

By Nadine Sandjo, PhD.-fellow

We gather again and consolidates all the feedback from the group sessions


Goodbye and what comes next

By Nadine Sandjo, PhD.-fellow

We present our timeline and what comes next in the the project

August 14th [from 09.15-16.00]: TecPoint meeting for group 33 – sustainable systems at Roskilde University


09:15 - 16:00

Roskilde Universitet, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde, Room 03.1-S03

About TecPoint

TecPoint is a Danish organisation with technology-oriented members, usually companies. Several network group meetings are held each year and for anyone from a company can participate if they are a member.

The Meeting

The IntelliGrid Project Partners will participate and present their results and their prototype.
Other Danish organisations include TERMA and Siemens who will present how they integrate systems in sustainable way.
You can sign up for TecPoint by contacting Jørn Johansen (jj(a) at Whitebox and hear more about how to participate.
Participation deadline is August 10th.