The Plug

…we have a plug. And it goes in your sockets to guide you to save energy and do your household tasks as effective and optimised as possible.

Below is how it works.

About the IntelliGrid Plug

The IntelliGrid plug is 10 x 10 cm with a small on/off button on it. You plug it into your socket and tell it which appliance it belongs to.

Your own preferences

Using our IntelliGrid Assistant, you set your own preferences for each of your appliances. You will get notified by the Assistant when you should prep your appliances.

Green power, convenience, and efficiency

Whatever you prefer, the IntelliGrid Assistant will help you through your daily tasks.

Let it learn

You should expect a 14 day period where the IntelliGrid Plugs gather data about your power consumption before they will help you optimally. The Plugs will eventually learn to behave how you want them to!

The Architecture of the Plug

We take care of how the back-end of the Plug works.

If you are curious, though, we take advantage of the most recent Internet-of-Things protocols and encrypt this over the Cloud so that your Plugs know how to best follow your preferences.