About the IntelliGrid project

The IntelliGrid project is a three-year long project that focuses on optimising green energy consumption in Europe.

Aim 0f the Project

We aim to develop a flexible and cost-efficient control unit that improves energy consumption in households and energy generation from renewable sources.

The project will run over the next three years, until August 2022.

Here we aim to have a finished Smart Plug that can easily be placed in households. We also aim to produce knowledge about how technology design can impact household behaviour and lead to more effective power consumption.

Funded by Interreg

The €1.7 million project is funded by Interreg Europe. Interreg aims at enhancing cross-border collaboration by funding German-Danish projects in four focused subject areas that are essential to the region. Read more here: https://www.interregeurope.eu/about-us/

We have a plan

Spring 2020:

  • We interview lead users; users who already have experiences with green technology and want to contribute.

Summer 2020:

  • We interview regular household users for their input into how a total household solution can work the best!

Autumn 2020:

  • Development of the IntelliGrid platform begins!
  • Household users are engaged and participate by data collection.

Spring 2021:

  • The first prototypes of the platform are tested

Summer 2021:

  • The IntelliGrid platforms will launch and run for a year in the households


We welcome all potential partners!

If you feel interested in the project please contact us below. We start with testing in households in Autumn 2020.