About – Network partners

The IntelliGrid project has a slew of network partners. All network partners take part in network meetings, seminars and events where we share the results and get feedback.

Our Network Partners

Actee’s mission is to change the world through workplace learning. They try to open a world of knowledge sharing on a global scale. They work with serious games which you can combine with a range of productive tools to design learning processes.

Go2Green’s mission is to further the green change and help organisations access to green energy and to choose a 100% pure, green energy while saving money.

Svendborg Kommune is a Danish municipality in Southern Denmark with around 60,000 Danish citizens. The municipality is a close collaborator in helping understand the municipal regulations for green energy.

Newtek’s mission is to deliver innovative green products and solutions to further the green change, including charging stations, bicycle holders and lighting inside the cities.

SEF Energy is located on Southern Funen and delivers power and energy solutions as well as internet and telephone through fiber. SEF is very supportive of the local area and has many ongoing projects that support the locals.

Tisturion has been part of the startup of IntelliGrid and has participated in uncovering business models, cost-benefit models and motivating users to use the new intelligent system.

TecPoint is a Danish network organisation comprised of technology companies. Their main mission is to drive professional networks between companies.

Whitebox is a consultancy company that aids others in achieving business excellence. They develop products and services based on state-of-the-art contemporary research from the business literature.