Vi er stolte af at præsentere vores nyeste artikel som for nyligt er publiceret ved “International Federation for Information Processing Conference” i arbejdsgruppe8.6 og præsenteret i Dublin forrige uge.


As the gravity of the impact of climate change on everyday life grows ever more relevant, green technology involving sustainability are also garnering more attention, and, in turn, more sophisticated IT solutions are needed. In this paper we review existing literature on the diffusion and transfer of tech-nology in households in order to strengthen and prepare the future adoption of more IT-oriented sustainability solutions of green IT. We find that a large portion of household studies have taken place in the farming and agricultural sector of developing countries. We find that a large portion of the studies propose implications from a government policy perspective. We also find that a large portion of studies confirm factors influencing the diffusion and adoption coming from diffusion theory. Another significant portion takes a socio-cultural approach perspective. Finally, we find that collaboration, co-creation and participation seem to be effective in furthering the transfer and diffusion of sustainable and green technology in households. We discuss the implications of these different approaches when tackling the diffusion of green IT and propose taking a pluralist and design-oriented perspective since no single perspective or approach so far has resulted in large-scale technology transfer or diffusion to households.